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It has been a while since my last post but it’s not due to lack of content. May is always the busiest month of the season as the golf course is beginning to grow, play is increasing, flowers and mulch are being installed, and projects are being completed. As the pool and racquet complex renovations are wrapping up, we have been busy putting the final touches on both projects by installing irrigation, plants, and turf. Both projects turned out great!

A lot of people have been asking for the ropes around the native areas to be taken down. I am willing to take down the ropes but need to be certain that everyone knows the damage that can be done to these areas should someone drive a cart in the tall grass. The weight of the cart will leave tracks that will remain for the remainder of the season and likely kill the turf. Please keep your carts out of these areas to protect the beauty that they are providing the property.

We continue to repair areas left over from the project. Most of the remaining areas are along cart paths . You can help us greatly by keeping all four tires of your cart on the paths and follow traffic ropes and signage where provided. We will be extending a few cart paths this fall in high traffic areas where needed.

Here are a number of pictures from our past month on the golf course:

New Tee Yardage Plaques are ready to go on the golf course
Left of #8 tee complex greatly improved along with the pool renovation project


Handwatering the greens drainage lines to keep moisture levels uniform across the green


#6 is a new golf hole that is coming in nicely


The native areas have added great beauty to the property

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